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Last Man (full name: Last Man in America to Know Who Won the Super Bowl) is a game where participants go as long as possible without knowing the outcome (known as #TheKnowledge) of the NFL's annual championship game.


“Last Man in America to Know Who Won the Super Bowl,” better known as Last Man or #lastman, is an annual game played in the hours and days — and sometimes weeks, months, or even (very rarely) years — after the NFL’s championship game.

Contestants, called “Knowledge Runners,” seek to avoid, for as long as possible, learning “The Knowledge” — the outcome of the Super Bowl.

You may have read about Last Man in the New Yorker, or heard a podcast about it, or learned of it via some other article. If you want to play Last Man, here’s a step-by-step guide

To learn more about this fun, silly, challenging, light-hearted game, please read the rules and the FAQ, and peruse the other pages on this wiki.

Important Links

  • Blind Tweet Box - Tweet without seeing the rest of Twitter. Very useful for reporting how you're doing while running.
  • How To Play - A brief outline of how to join our silly game
  • Rules - Rules of #Lastman
  • Previous Years - Very brief summary of previous Lastman games with links to results if available.
  • Infamous Deaths - A summary of some of the more interesting ways #TheKnowledge has found people.
  • FindTheLastman Twitter account - Trying to keep track of the Knowledge Runners. Best way to follow the game.

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