Last Man was created decades ago but moved into the Twitter era in 2011. The first couple of years had relatively low participation, but the game grew with additional media coverage.

  • 2011 (Summary ): This year was more trying to find Kyle Whelliston via a MidMajority live blog than running from the knowledge.The @findthelastman twitter account was created at the conclusion of the game as a joke that moved on to generally tracking the game and a lot of work its creator didn't expect.
  • 2012 (Summary and results lost to dead websites)  - 6 Runners highlighted by the start of J. Scott Fitzwater 's epic 4+ year run that was ended on the Jimmy Kimmel show in 2016.
  • 2013 (Summary Including @MileHighBrendan 's 1st run) - ~10 Runners. First media pickup via Business Insider.
  • 2014 (Summary ) - 15 Runners. Year of the TLDR Podcast by Lisa Pollak .
  • 2015 (Results) - 115 Runners. Year of the New Yorker article and pretty wide spread media coverage (Mentions on ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike, Mashable, Fox Sports, etc) 
  • 2016 (Results) - 201 Runners. Year of the Jimmy Kimmel show appearance by J. Scott Fitzwater and the saboteur's created after a pair of FiveThrityEight articles .
  • 2017 (Results ) - 142 Runners. This was the start of a more low key era.
  • 2018 (Results) - 71 Runners. Featured on NPR's Weekend Edition.
  • 2019 - A game in progress, 50+ runners expressing interest before the game.

Last Man Blog - A mix of posts about the 2015 and 2016 games.